Blur Lamp

desktop lighting

Whether you are studying or just sitting down with a good book, good lighting is essential. Traditional desk lamps  are good shining a bright light on a focused spot. The Blur Lamp is good for gently filling your entire work space with light.

Initial concepts for the Blur Lamp were for tabletop lighting. Then I realized while sitting at my desk working these very sketches just how poorly my desk lamp did its job. In learning that I was not the only one who faced frustration when using desk lamps, I set out to innovate upon the desk lamp paradigm. 

Desk lamps used in low light cast harsh shadows from your hand on your page.

Bright and reflected light in a
dim room strains the eyes.

Traditional desk lamps add to
the clutter of a workspace.

Warm, soft light evenly
brightens working area.

The Blur Lamp gently
illuminates the space
and is easy on the eyes.

The user can declutter
their desktop by using the
lamp’s flat top surface as uninterrupted desk space.