Mini Library

public book shelter

The Mini Library concept was designed with Brianna McIntyre under BLKHaus Studios and Little Black Pearl. This project was commissioned by Mini as an initiative to install miniature libraries in Chicago's public parks.


  • Durable for outdoor Chicago weather

  • Install with ease

  • Production heavy

  • Easy of production

  • Modern and contemporary design

  • Fun like Mini Cooper

Early concept sketches included subtle automotive elements such as racing stripes and car door handles.

A secondary concept moved toward a more elevated form with attention to protection for the books as well as the user.

A following concept focused on critical brand elements of the Mini Cooper. The roof of the library box resembles that of the car and the rear angle of the box mimics the Mini Cooper's hatch-back door. This rear panel offers space for artwork by commissioned artists

Finally, we concluded with a design that embodies Mini brand language, ease of use, aesthetic balance, and the ever-important rear art panel. 

5: Dowel peg shelf rests


6:  Doors opening from outside to center. Made of frosted acrylic.

7: Leg to ground fasteners 

8: Legs curved to resemble mini roof racks.

1: Roof curved to match radius of Mini Cooper's roof. Solid wood or sheet metal.

2:  Dowel Roof Supports made with wood, steel, or PVC piping

3: Box Body curved to match radius of Mini Cooper grill. Made of bent wood and solid
solid plywood.

4: Plywood Shelving

The intention for this project was to implement these "Mini Libraries" into several of Chicago's larger public parks for community use. However, the design was not put into production.