Straight Shooter

shot glass set

Theres no question that social drinking can get messy, especially when there are shots involed. With this in mind, the Straight Shooter shot set was designed as a stylinsh yet useful part of your party. A group of friends or pary goers can simply make a toast, take a shot, and place their cup neatly in the set's base to eliminate clutter and spills (and the shot sipper).

Shots are messy. Drinks spill and rings are left on the table even after the glass is removed.

This design began with finding the best way to eliminate some of the mess that comes with social drinking, namely, the rings of condensation and spilled drinks left of the hosts' tables. Both 2D and 3D sketches led the design to a suspended system to hold shot glasses to reduce excess next-day cleanup. 

Several materials were experimented with, including slip cast ceramic and polystyrine plastic. The plastic proved more durable (but melts easily under heat at 1/16 inch thickness) in situations where the glass may be dropped, such as a high occupancy event or party.